Indian Radio

Indian Radio 1.0

A variety of Indian radio stations at your fingertips


  • Good selection of stations
  • Easy to use


  • Cannot add or remove stations
  • Few configuration options

Not bad

One of the best things about the Internet is the variety of radio stations that everybody has easy access to. What's not so hot is looking for those stations, finding ones you like, and switching between them. Luckily, fans of Indian-interest radio now have a great solution to the problem.

Indian Radio is an application that gathers a total of 77 India-oriented radio stations, playing them via a built-in player. The stations are organized by station number, name, genre and language. Since I'm not familiar with Indian radio, it was hard for me to judge just how good the selection was, but it includes stations that seem to be relatively well-known, such as DesiZone Radio, Akash Radio and IBN7. The stations are based in different countries, broadcast in different languages and cover interest areas such as music, news and entertainment, so you are sure to find one to suit.

The main Indian Radio interface is an attractive Word 2007-inspired design, but the program doesn't have many configuration options. You can only chose hotkeys and the interface skins, but you can't add or remove stations. At the time of testing, the radio stations seemed reliable, but the TV options weren't so great. One thing that was missing is the ability to sort stations by the columns, a small feature that would make Indian Radio much easier to use.

Indian Radio provides a great selection of stations, but a lack of configuration options really lets it down.

Indian Radio


Indian Radio 1.0

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